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Who wouldn't be amazed at seeing and using storage that is hidden in plain sight? This interesting and unique feature of our mobile homes makes our guests love their stay in our community.

To see these features, visit our mobile home sites near Copperas Cove, TX, located in Briggs, TX, and contact us at 737-667-4881.

Hidden Storage

Most tiny homes have lofted beds, which makes it ideal to build floating staircases that can be clean and sleek. Also, you can either have a retractable or floating staircase to minimize space.

Staircase and Lofted Bed

Minimalistic homes give you that spacious and airy ambiance despite living in a tiny home. Minimalism is often described as having neutral colors or basic black-and-white hues.


Having a tiny home does not mean that you cannot live in luxury. You can feel the luxury in our tiny homes, built aesthetically with the combination of modern luxury homes and a cabin.

Luxury Homes

Most mobile homes you might have seen before are built with simple materials. However, if you seem to be missing something and feel like mobile homes should have unique features, Castle View RV Park in Briggs, TX, has tiny home listings near Copperas Cove, TX, available that you might find interesting.

And here is a list of the special features our tiny homes have:

Unique Features for our Upcoming Tiny Homes in Castle View RV Park

Copperas Cove, TX

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