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Like most homes, tiny homes also need to be checked regularly, especially when checking the fire safety features if they are operational. Make sure that your fire extinguisher is fully operational and accessible.

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Ensure Fire Safety

Make your home functional throughout the winter by installing floor insulation. Also, make sure to protect your pipes from freezing.

Winter Preparation

Make maintenance a daily habit by checking your gutters, roofs, and siding for mold growth or water damage. Seal any gaps or cracks to prevent water from wreaking havoc inside your home.

Exterior Inspection

Inspecting the interior of your home, such as your plumbing, electrical, and water filtration systems, can help you reduce the cost of repair in your tiny home. Also, clean your exhaust fans or check the airflow of your HVAC system.

Interior Inspection

If you are wondering why our tiny homes always look brand-new, here are our maintenance tips for keeping them clean. You can also check our tiny home listings near Temple, TX, to see our uniquely designed tiny houses.

Castle View RV Park’s Tiny Home Maintenance

Temple, TX

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