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You can place add-ons and decorations in your campervan interior the way you want it!

If you are looking for an RV park near Georgetown, tiny homes are also available in Castle View RV Park, located in Briggs, TX. We have a great community with exciting events.


One of the most exciting parts is placing things where they should be, from the mere 'skeleton' of your campervan to the interior layout of your pieces of furniture. You can also add hidden compartments or storage to help you save space for other things you need.


For your utmost safety, hire professionals to help you install the gas and electricity systems of your campervan.

Install Gas and Electricity Systems

Also, do not forget where your windows should be. Proper installation of your ventilation system helps remove water vapor and heat from the inside. Moreover, use the proper materials for better insulation.

Consider the Ventilation and Insulation

A thorough evaluation of your needs is also needed, aside from setting up your budget. Decide whether you will need more space for your bed, table, seats, cooking corner, bathroom, and the overall layout of your campervan.

Evaluating Your Needs in Your Campervan

You cannot go on and convert your vehicle at once and not consider your budget plan. If you have decided on a budget, it will be easier to take your next step toward converting your vehicle into a campervan.

Set Your Budget

If you are planning to venture out into the world and gather great experiences like RV camping near Georgetown, TX, you might as well consider turning your car into an RV campervan or buying one. Over the past years, campervan sales have skyrocketed to as high as 4,000 annually. However, if you want to personally customize your campervan, here are some helpful tips from Castle View RV Park’s team:

Converting Your Car into an RV Camper

Georgetown, TX

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