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And lastly, the addition of amenities is the biggest impact that can encourage more guests to love your park. You can add swimming pools, basketball courts, nature trails, camping grounds, and other desirable outdoor amenities for highly adventurous guests.

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Adding Amenities

Pavings are also an aspect that can impact the aesthetic look of your park. You should opt for durable materials to ensure longevity and minimal maintenance.


Aside from picking the location of your RV park, the design and layout are also huge factors that can either bring success or failure to your business. The layout of your land or property should be enough to accommodate the number of RVs you are planning to have. Also, you have to consider the space needed for your guests to easily maneuver their vehicles. Branches and roots of trees should not obstruct the flow of traffic in your RV park as well.

The Design and Layout

If you are planning on opening your RV park, know that you should have the perfect location, as this is a big factor in the success of your business. Your location can have a great impact on providing good services and appealing to your guests.


RV parks can be profitable, and our team takes important considerations when it comes to abiding by laws and regulations, such as the proper disposal of waste and garbage, water and sewer services, electricity, traffic circulation, and more. Failure to do so can result in fines and, even worse, closure.

Following Regulatory Codes

RV parks nowadays are captivating guests with their special features and how attractive the entire RV park is. This solely lies in the plans and designs of the RV site, to which Castle View RV Park, located in Briggs, TX, also applies. Here are important considerations when we designed our mobile home parking near Lampasas, TX, that have made our guests opt for long-term stays and vacations.

The Creation and Planning of Our RV Site

Lampasas, TX

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